Aqeri company has been bought by the Turnlight/Primlight group (Sweden)


As a part of a restructuring process, the business of Aqeri AB, has now been acquired by an affiliated company to Primlight AB (Sweden). Aqeri operations continues with the same products as before through the new company Aqeri International AB which is an affiliated company to Primlight AB. Most of previous Aqeri staff have chosen to stay but the former main owner and some related management staff have left the company.

Aqeri and Primlight complement each other well as leading suppliers to demanding customers in public sector and industry, where Primlight provide a powerful portfolio of IT and Telecom services, while Aqeri sells rugged computer and communication technology to the same customers in the areas of defence, industrial, automomobile and public safety.

New Aqeri products will be launched in Q4-2017 from technology development that Borderlight adds to Aqeri based on 17 years of cutting edge technology development of IT and Telecom services.

For further information, please contact:
Sten Oscarsson, CEO, +46 709 174 650


Primlight AB ( is a Telecom operator founded in 2001 focused on long term contracts in the public sector with Swedish government, regional hospitals and municipalities. Primlight has been chosen as one of five suppliers in the Swedish Government procurement framework contract ( that includes all government departments and approximately 50% of Sweden's municipalities and regional hospitals. Estimated revenue for current contract period is 4,5 Billon SEK ($530M) over 4-5 years shared by five suppliers. Borderlight´s revenue from public sector has reached over 500 million SEK ($60M) since start. Primlight’s average annual revenue (including enterprise customers) the last years is 96 million SEK ($11M) with an average EBITDA of ca 45%.

Primlight has a very high level of research and development capacity in fields of IT and Telecom, including own complete manufacturing of specialized computers with ASIC:s and electronics, IP network for very high security level and state of art fibre optic technology that is several generations ahead of commonly available products.

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